​Getting Started- 

pILlars of Silver
Initial ConsuLtation:

One of the best ways to determine your home interior needs is for Pillars of Silver Interiors to conduct an In-Home consultation. At the inITIAL Consultation , we work with you to help identify your specific design needs and desires as well as services required and a budget.
After the initial consultation, Pillars of Silver Interiors will come up with a basic design concept and an estimate of what it will take to make that concept a reality. Upon your agreement of the concept,  payment of a deposit which is applied toward your balance and signing of a letter of agreement, Pillars of Silver Interiors will then begin making selections such as furnishings, window treatments, accessories etc. tailored to you!  
A final meeting will take place where you will be shown those selections and Pillars of Silver Interiors at that time will gain your approval of the overall design. From there, ordering of materials, fixtures, furnishings and decor will commence and you will be on your way to being surrounded by beauty!  Upon receipt of the materials, furnishings, decor etc, Pillars of Silver will then place the items in your home and you will be ready to enjoy your lovely space for years to come!
The process for a Kitchen or Bathroom Design Initial consultation , is similar in that we work with you to help identify your specific design needs and desires, design services required as well as budget.  Pillars of Silver will design the kitchen or bathroom space according to our discussions and a second meeting will be scheduled were we will go over the design, make neccessary changes and iron out details.  Pillars of Silver will then provide you with a final floor plan with notes and details and a set of specifications which you may use to get pricing from contractors, subcontractors and other vendors to complete your project.  Pillars of Silver is here to assist you in any or all of that process, as well as overseeing the job to ensure your desires for your space are met, just ask!
 PILlars of Silver Interiors
Full Service 15 Step Design Process:
At Pillars of Silver Interiors, our goal is to make the design-build process an enjoyable one for our clients.

Experience has shown us that knowledge of standard procedures helps clients feel comfortable for the duration of the project.  Here’s how we work:
Consultation with designer, Christine Heartsill is 2 hours of in-depth, customized ideas for your home. During this time, we will identify the priority areas of your home that you wish to address first and foremost and will create a plan for improving these areas. This is also where we will explore your design style preferences.
2-3 business days after the initial consultation a proposal will be drawn up outlining the scope of work, the expected timeframe of the project, the budget including design fees and the retainer required to get started. At this time signing of a letter of agreement and payment of a design retainer will take place if you choose to move forward with your project.
Trade Day | On-site measurements, photos and final criterion meeting.  Often many of the elements necessary to complete a design project require other trades.  If that is the case with your project, Pillars of Silver Interiors will coordinate with you and those trades people involved a day to meet on site to discuss the project parameters.
Execution of floor plans and elevations, sourcing fabrics, furnishings, accessories and other design elements.  This is when things get fun! Designer Christine Heartsill puts her years of expertise and her gift of vision to work to tailor your space specifically to you. 
Presentation meeting! Furnishings and decor, materials and fixtures as well as estimates  Pillars of Silver Interiors will present you with the vision for your new space and collect deposits neccessary to bring it to life!
Placement of orders.  Upon payment of deposit outlined in Step 5, Pillars of Silver we begin placing orders for you design elements.
Review of budget.  At this time we will have a budget meeting and look at all expenses accrued at that time to ensure we are still on budget and discuss options for budget overages.
Initiation of construction and renovation. Pillars of Silver will schedule trades and other construction aspects of the project based delivery dates of materials, fixtures and other elements.
Installation and construction and receipt of design elements continue.  Awaiting the arrival of your design elements is the longest part of the process however, Pillars of Silver Interiors will keep you updated on the progress each week until final delivery is scheduled.
Furniture installation and styling. Here is where things get super exciting! Pillars of Silver Interiors will make every attempt to complete this step in one day but it will depend on the scope of your project.  We typically perform this task with the client absent from their home.
Client reveal!  Here is where you will finally be surrounded by beauty in your home! This is YOUR moment, take it all in.
Final walk through/Punch List.  Sometimes there are issues which need to be addressed.  Rest assured that Pillars of Silver Interiors will ensure your project is done right!
Resolving Final walk through findings. Issues will be addressed as per walk-thru meeting in step 12.
Professional photography and client referal letter.
Presentation of Client Binder and exit luncheon. Many of the elements used will have information and warranties you will need to be privy to. We will provide all that information in a binder at the completion of your project at a lunch meeting courtesey of Pillars of Silver Interiors.